Home Funeral Guide

In 2019 I co-created a non-commercial public information website to educate Oregonians about family rights and funeral rites. Check out Oregon Funeral Resources & Education and its sister site Washington Funeral Resources & Education.

“I hope with all my heart this information about caring for your own dead will reach those who need to know it. I hope that you get the chance that I was denied, to lay with your dearly departed’s body in the privacy of your own home, keening until your voice is gone. Spending those last hours with that body that you hugged and kissed, talked to and laughed with.”

— Keelia Carver, co-creator of Oregon Funeral Resources & Education, dedicated to the memory of her son Max

“Up until around 1900, when a death occurred, the tasks that are now performed by paid professionals were performed by the family. Most people today think that they are legally required to use a funeral home, which is not true. More and more families desire hands-on involvement, but simply don’t know how to go about doing so.”

— David Noble, retired funeral and cemetery director