Story Catcher.
Writer. Editor.
Project manager.

I’ve spent my life listening for the stories that reveal our times, the kind of people we are, the challenges we face, and how much braver we can be, together.

I have the privilege of helping to amplify those stories, to reach and touch and change larger audiences. I’ve crafted oral histories, legislative testimony, and rally speeches. Organizational brochures, newsletters, and fundraising appeals. Radio talk shows and newspaper op-eds. Life tributes, conversation events, and more.

My decades as an organizational development and communications specialist honed my skills as a project manager, facilitator, writer, and editor. My work as a Celebrant, Community Death Educator, and Guide has cracked my heart open to grief, joy, and wonder.

It’s my honor to engage my heart and my head, to use both right and left brains as your creative partner, providing whatever your project needs. I’ll help find the words, design the process, and manage the project, to craft a meaningful, well-told story that accomplishes your goals.

“Holly took what we said and turned it into what seemed like poetry. It is a true art form and talent to be this kind of storyteller.”

Project Types

  • Writing and editorial support
  • Essays, speeches, memoirs
  • Eulogies and obituaries
  • Keepsakes and commemorative publications
  • Case statements and reports
  • Support for special projects