Ceremony provides

solace to the grieving, support to those in transition, applause for new beginnings and triumphant ends. Through it, we witness and hold space for one another.

If you’re secular, spiritual, interfaith, or from a mix of cultures, where do you turn to mark a meaningful life milestone? For many of us, the conventional funeral or wedding ceremony doesn’t do it. Outside of religious rites, options for marking a baby’s arrival, a teen’s coming of age, or a mid-life passage are limited. For some major passages, like chronic illness, divorce, or losing one’s job, there are few cultural traditions that provide support.

If you’re longing to connect more deeply to the meaning in your life, you’ve found a kindred spirit in me. As an experienced celebrant, I’ll work in partnership with you to create a memorable life celebration or ceremony.

“Holly created a heart-full and intentional gathering that exceeded anything I could have hoped for. It was meaningful beyond words.”