About Holly

My life is an apprenticeship to grief, joy, and wonder. I feel awe every day beholding the magnificence and intelligence of the natural world and what researchers are calling moral beauty – our capacity as humans for kindness, courage, and resilience during difficult times..

To go on, not knowing how. To show up for each other. To remember, to mourn, to honor, to bless. To love and to heal that which can’t be fixed.

We do this through ceremony, through conversation, through finding words and telling stories and creating pathways forward – together.

I would be honored to be your Celebrant, Guide, or Creative Partner.

I provide my services in-person in Oregon and Southwest Washington, and across geographic boundaries and time zones via Zoom.

“Holly has a lovely, relaxed manner that is so easy to listen to, such a generous way of holding various options open, honoring different perspectives.  She inspires trust through the energy her presence generates, her honesty and humor, and the breadth of her knowledge.”

Learn more about the services I offer as a Celebrant, Guide, and Creative Partner.