What are your needs and goals? What are you looking for in a celebrant, guide, or creative partner? What other resources are available in your community, to help realize your vision?

Contact me to explore those questions in a free, no-obligation phone or video call.

Fees for my services are based on a sliding scale – you pick the price point that fits your needs and your budget:

  • 30 minute phone or video consult: no charge
  • Individual/ family rate: $90 – $165/ hour 
  • Organizational rate: $165 – $275/ hour
  • Ceremony, seminar, or project: bid provided after initial consult

A full-service ceremony typically requires 20 or more hours of my time, dedicated to getting to know your needs and your story; working with you to identify all the elements that belong in your ceremony; writing the ceremony and revising until it’s exactly right for you; coordinating with ceremony participants, musicians, and other vendors as needed; then preparing and traveling to conduct your ceremony with my full-hearted presence.

I’m open to providing as much or as little support as you need.

Many benefit from a single consultation session; others from a series of conversations layered with personal reflection, guided by my prompts and planning materials. I bring my many years of event and project management experience when that’s needed; other times I’m tapped simply as a behind-the-scenes writer, or to emcee an event or ceremony that others have planned. Together, we can find the best fit for your budget and needs.

“The emotional value of Holly’s services ­– priceless. She guided us through to a better place so beautifully.”

Learn more about the services I offer as a Celebrant, Guide, and Creative Partner.